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Technical English Training

We are a recognized leader in the field of professional Technical English training.

Our English for Technical Purposes training programme prepares employees to deal effectively with the ever-increasing demands of English in the workplace. Our detailed approach results in employees that can perform their jobs even more productively and efficiently.

Training is carried out in small groups and one-to-one - with the Blended Learning concept proving to be an increasingly more popular choice - and is designed to guide employees towards successfully archieving the set learning objectives.

"The Pyramid Group führt für unser Unternehmen Einzelunterricht durch. Kennzeichnend ist, dass der Unterricht stark auf den Wissensstand und die Bedürfnisse der Teilnehmer ausgerichtet ist und inhaltlich übergreifend über verschiedene Themen-/Funktionsbereiche durchgeführt wird. Hervorzuheben ist die Fähigkeit von den Trainern, die unterschiedlichen Teilnehmer anzusprechen und zu aktivieren sowie ein zielorientiertes Lernklima zu ermöglichen"
- Franz Braun, Personalleiter Thales Electron Devices GmbH, Ulm

Employee-Centred & Work-Based Relevance
Naturally, all participants are interviewed before courses begin to ensure groups are as uniform as possible regarding language levels and needs. As requirements vary from company to company, virtually all of our courses and seminars are customised to satisfy the demands of the individuals.
Our Technical English programmes cover all areas and could involve language training support in, for example, equipment-specific operations and maintenance training as well as operating and maintaining advanced technological systems.
Authentic materials of highly technical nature are used which ensure that students acquire and use the language they require for their jobs. At all levels, courses are often based around technical and general text books as well as integrating company-own materials, for example, operational manuals and project documentation. We try to take a hands-on approach as often as possible.

Our success lies in the ability to deliver the real language and skills needed by those working in the technically-oriented professions in their day-to-day work.

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